Monday, 2 August 2010

Point and shoot camera tips.

Many hobby photographers have what is known as a point & shoot camera. These types of cameras are usually small & lightweight, let you view the picture on a digital screen in lieu of looking through the viewfinder, & do not have complicated accessories like interchangable lenses.

A point & shoot camera is an excellent type of digital camera for beginners to start with, & they make fantastic gifts . These days they can be bought for as small as $100 in some cases, & prices range upwards from there to around $500. The difference in pricing usually indicates the quality of the camera, how lots of features it might have, & how giant the pics turn out .

The size of your pics is usually determined in megapixels. A camera that offers 10 megapixels will turn out larger, more detailed photographs than a 4 megapixel camera will. The megapixel size of a camera ought to not be the only criteria you have when shopping around though, because there's lots of more things that ought to be thought about.

If you are purchasing a camera for anyone who is brand spanking new to photography, you'll be wanting to pick a camera that has simple to make use of preset controls. With preset camera controls, the photographer doesn't must understand the details of what the camera's doing, they basically select the mode they require, point the cameraat what they intend to take a picture of, & push the button.

Most cameras have preset controls these days, but some have over others. Here are the most common settings you'll find:

1. Sunlight mode - When the user sets their camera to this mode, it will automatically configure itself to take a picture in bright sunlight.

2. Night time mode - In the event you require to take a picture outside at night, set your camera to this option.

3. Inside - This is usually indicated by a small lightbulb on the control dial. When you are taking pics inside, set the camera to this & it ought to do a better job handling the dimmer lights.

4. Sports mode - This is indicated by a small jogging man icon. When you require to take pics of sports, or any kind of speedy action such as small children chasing each other in the yard - turn the camera to this mode & it will do a better job of catching the speedy movements.

5. Flash mode - This is used most often when you are taking pics inside. In the event you don't have light to get a lovely picture, then turn on your camera's flash & set it to flash mode.

Now you don't must actually use these modes in the event you don't require to. A brand spanking new digital camera user for example, might prefer to basically leave the camera in automatic mode on a regular basis. Leaving it set to automatic will usually make definite the camera adjusts itself based on where you are taking pics at. If you are inside for example, & you don't have light for a lovely picture, the camera will automatically turn the flash on for you.

So there's some tips for you to make use of when purchasing your own digital camera, or purchasing one as a gift for anyone you love.

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