Saturday, 24 July 2010

D50 Nikon digital camera, tips on pictures of the night or fireworks.

This can be tricky. IF POSSIBLE, you would get better results with a tripod and a VR lens. Nikon makes VR lenses in 18-135 and 18-200 (among others) that might be useful for this venture.

In the event you find that the fireworks are all going to much the same altitude, you can pre-set the camera on a tripod, using a little bit of a wide angle view to be positive that you capture the whole burst. In the event that they are varied, you can use the tripod with two legs on the ground or even one and kind of track the bomb trail until it bursts.

Use the P,A,S or M mode so you have more control and so you can leave the flash turned off. It will pop up in the event you try this in AUTO.

You will must make use of as sizable an aperture (little numbers) as feasible and you will must make use of 1-to-2 seconds, perhaps even more, at ISO 200 or 400. Familiarize yourself with these adjustments so you can quickly make adjustments in the event you need to. Two times you discover a setting that is satsifactory, don't mess with it! Assume that the remainder of the shots will need much the same exposure.

I have also taken first rate shots of fireworks by laying down on my back and looking up in lieu of using a tripod.

The D50 night portait mode might be useful for general scenes at night.

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