Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Digital Camera Tips - How to Use to Your Digital SLR Camera Like the Pros

Using a Digital Camera is a lot fun nowadays when compared to using a film camera. The benefit of reviewing the photograph on the LCD is my favourite feature that I enjoy the most. The digital camera tips that I'll share to you will be primarily for Digital SLR camera users. But people using the point & shoot camera can benefit because some of this little cameras are a lot advancing that you can find some of the features of digital SLR.

My best advice for beginners who are in a budget is to try to buy a used Digital SLR camera in eBay. That is where I bought my backup Camera a Canon 10D which I am still using. There's some flaws in it but for the most part it is still unbeatable in quality compared to most of the newer point & shoot cameras.

one) Avoid using autofocus in your digital SLR Camera. I do know plenty of my fellow photographers will disagree with me but hey try it, & you will notice the difference. keep in mind there is no more waste of film. They live in a digital world. I mean you are using a sophisticated Digital Camera. The best camera setting is to make use of focusing point. This is helpful in doing closeup photography. But for sports I would recommend using autofocus.

Here are some of the best digital camera tips I'll share to you according to my experience.

two) Use the Manual Mode always in your digital SLR camera. Some will say, I got descent shots with full automatic mode, why ought to I switch in manual mode? But in case you are going to try it you will certainly discover that your photographs will look more professional. But my advice is to learn first the basic function of your DSLR Camera. Read the manual of your camera or read some books related to using a digital SLR Camera.

three) My third digital camera tips is to experiment with using custom white balance in your camera. When I am shooting inside I sometimes encounter mixture of lights. Some restaurants use tungsten lighting & daylight. Using automatic white balance doesn't work. I switch my camera to custom white balance & take a photograph of a white wall or the white gown of the bride to base my white balance. This is the secret, try to lower your flash output to about minus one before you take a picture for the custom white balance. The result depends on different flash models & cameras. Try this & you'll be surprise with the result.

four) Avoid using direct Flash on your subject doing portraits. Either bounce your flash or use Gary Fong's lightsphere softlighting which I'll discuss soon. Some flash now have a bounce card that you can use to soften your light. This is a great feature.
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